RezEasy Single - Back Office

RezEasy Single booking engine for a hotel, motel, B&B, villa or apartment RezEasy is much more than a web-based reservation system; it also includes a Management System designed to meet all of your back–office needs. The use of web technology means that you can access the system from any computer or tablet that has Internet access. The need for expensive PC's to run software is over!

The back office allows you to configure date format, currencies, taxes, surcharges, discounts, languages, layout of forms and pages, text and images, view reports, manage reservations, room allocation, agents, guests, reviews and send email. You can also set promotional codes and create packages/special offers.

Just Some of RezEasy's Features

Back office

Flexible Pricing / Daily Override: Unlimited number of rates and unlimited changes during the year. Several rate types to choose from, assign different rates to the same room type, charge per room or per person. For maximum flexibility assign pricing override to selected users.

Packages & Discounts: Package your rooms with other products to create unique offerings.

Agent/Corporate Client Booking: Assign room allocations, discounts and special rates to agent/corporate clients. Optionally allow them to book online. Create agent/corporate client invoices.

Pre-Arrival & Post-Stay Emails: RezEasy allows you to send automated pre-arrival and post-stay emails to your guests. You can customize the content and format of outgoing emails.

Extensive Reporting: RezEasy's many printed reports include financial reports, reservation reports, guest reports, plus miscellaneous and system reports. The program also contains many on-screen reports and data grids. See the full list

Many More Features:

Check out all of the features in RezEasy, you will be pleasantly surprised.