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Cloud based property management system

Cloud PMS + Booking Engine

RezEasy Cloud is a powerful web based Property Management System designed to meet all of your front and back office needs. The package also includes a commission-free Booking Engine and Agent/Corporate Client module. The system is mobile-friendly and includes a mobile optimized booking engine plus PC and Tablet interfaces for the Front Desk system.

All you need to access RezEasy is a device with an Internet connection. Your system is accessible to satellite offices and remotely located personnel. User profiles determine who has access to RezEasy and from where. You can also manage multiple properties from one computer terminal.

RezEasy Cloud has no hidden fees or commissions, just a low monthly investment, or a one-time payment, the choice is yours.

Windows base property management system

Windows PMS + Booking Engine

Why track customers manually, creating mounds of paper along the way. Enter the computer age and reap the benefits of automating the reservation process.

Hotels, Guest Houses, and B&B's have one common requirement, ease of use. Daily business operations, reservations, guest accounts, housekeeping, POS, reporting, and night audit all need to be managed with the least amount of effort. RezEasy Front Desk for Windows allows you to run your property smoothly and effortlessly from a single PC or a network.

RezEasy Front Desk delivers true value for money and a wealth of time and cost saving features proven to increase profitability, reduce administrative tasks and streamline reservations and invoicing. It is fully integrated with our range of online reservation software.

Online reservation system

RezEasy Agency/Portal

Nowadays, more travel is sold over the Internet than any other consumer product. The Internet has made it possible for a large new group of visitors to find you. When they do, are you ready to take on their business?

RezEasy Agency/Portal is the answer to getting your travel company website up to speed and meeting your revenue targets. The three step booking process is quick and easy for your customers. The reservation system is suitable for Travel and Booking Agents offering hotels, guesthouses, apartments, villas and hostels.

RezEasy has all the features you are ever likely to need including room availability checking, real-time updating, full search capability, reporting and sales analysis.

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